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Commodore C65 (C64 DX)

The C65 is a computer system with a keyboard, external power-supply and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find a CSG 4510 processor, RAM / ROM memory, CSG 4569 VIC-III video chip and twice a CSG 8580 SID sound chip.
The C65 was meant to be the successor of the Commodore C64. But it was a competitor for the Amiga 500. Only a couple of hundred proto-types were made. Non of the C65s is completely finished.
With it's graphical possibilities (VIC-III), double SID's, DMA chip, RAM memory up to 4 Mbyte, 3.5 MHz CPU, BASIC 10.0 and an internal 3,5'' disk drive this is the most advanced 8-bit computer ever made. PAL version.


CSG 4510

Processor frequency:

3,54 MHz


128 kbyte RAM, 128 kbyte ROM (RAM expansion: 4 Mbyte)


C64 mode: 320 x 200 pix, 40 x 25 chr, 16 clr, 8 mob
C65 mode: 1280 x 200 pix, 80 x 25 chr, 4096 clr, 8 mob


2 x 3 voices (stereo)


2 x Mouse/Joy, Serial, Userport, Expansionport (internal), Power, 2 x Audio, Video, RGBI.


212 x 460 x 56 mm


Commodore C65 (C64 DX)
The inside of the Commodore C65.
The memory expansion for the Commodore C65.
The rear-view of the Commodore C65.
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