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Commodore C64 - Games System

The C64 Games System is a C64c without a keyboard, serial-port, user-port and Datassette-port. The ports are on the PCB but are not visible from the outside. On the motherboard you will find a CSG 8500 processor, RAM / ROM memory, MOS 8565 VIC-II video chip, CSG 8580 SID sound chip and twice a MOS 6526 CIA.
Very few were sold, most of them including this one was sold in the UK.
Including: Cheetah Annihilator joystick, Software manual, Game cartridge.
The expansion(cartridge)-port is on top of the system.

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CSG 8500

Processor frequency:

1 MHz


64 kbyte RAM, 20 kbyte ROM


320 x 200 pix, 40 x 25 chr, 16 clr, 8 mob


3 Voices, Noise


Expansionport, Userport, Serialport, Datassette, 2 x Joystick, TV, Video, Sound


C64 Games System: 415 x 162 x 50 mmBox: 700 x 290 x 115 mm


Commodore C64 - Games System
The inside of the Commodore C64 - Games System.
Update: 2019-05-08 19:31:21