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Commodore 1081

The Commodore 1081 is a color monitor made by Commodore. The monitor has audio (mono), can display video and RGB and is suitable for the VIC 20, C64, C128, C16, C116, Plus/4 and Amiga.
This monitor was intended for the Amiga 1000. The strange thing is that the monitor has only one speaker and all Amiga's have stereo sound.




RGB 80 x 25, Comp 40 x 25
640 x 256 pix, 640 x 512 pix interlaced

Screen size:

335 mm (13'')


Mono sound


RGB analog, Video, Audio (mono), SCART


326 x 352 x 376 mm


Commodore - Amiga
Commodore 1081
The Commodore 1081 with the Amiga logo.
The backside of the Commodore 1081 monitor with several connections.
Update: 2009-09-27 20:46:48