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Computex Data-transfer

The Computex Data-transfer is a device for copying the data from one cassette to another cassette, with the help of two Datassettes and a C64 power supply. The Computex Data-transfer is made by Computex in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

There are two versions of the Computex Data-transfer, the "Normal" and the "Turbo". The difference is that the normal version uses 5 VDC for the motor inside the Datasssette and the turbo version uses 12 VDC. With 12 VDC the motor inside the Datassette will spin more than twice as quick and the cassette will be copied faster.
The device has two LEDs that will display the data from the source Datassette. Both Datassette connections can be used as source or target.

Technical information about the Computex Data-transfer:

It is possible to build your own Computex Data-transfer replica with the information in the link below. I did spend hours and hours making and checking the PCB and schematic, but I can't guarantee that the drawings are perfect. If you build a Computex Data-transfer replica with this information, it is on your own risk. But if you are successful in building a replica, let me know!

The technical files for the Computex Data-transfer.



50 x 72 x 20 mm


Computex - Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
The Computex Data-transfer.
The PCB of the Computex Data-transfer (normal).
The PCB of the Computex Data-transfer (turbo).
The schematic of the Computex Data-transfer.
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